Writing Grants

The GPSA grants process has been designed to be easy for students to receive funding, whilst simultaneously providing students with the opportunity to learn how to write a persuasive grant proposal. To apply for a GPSA grant, all applicants are recommended to do the following:

  1. Attend a Grant Applicant Training workshop where information regarding individual grants will be explored in-depth.
  2. Review the scoresheet to understand how your grant will be reviewed and scored by readers.
  3. Read through our common questions page.
  4. Understand the grants process and bylaws.

Score sheet

Understanding the score sheet used to evaluate grants is crucial to writing an effective proposal. Readers will score your grant based on this rubric, therefore it is recommended to address all the points mentioned in the rubric so as to increase your chances of being awarded the grant that you applied for. Many funding decisions usually come down to a difference between a few points. The score sheets for Spring 2020 Grants cycle can be found below:

  1. PDG Score sheet
  2. SRG Score sheet
  3. Graduate Scholarship Fund Score sheet

Grant Applicant Training Workshops

Updates have been made to the scoring rubrics and requirements for the Professional Development Grant, Student Research Grant, and Graduate Scholarship Fund. Furthermore, a revised budget template has been introduced for the Spring 2020 Grants cycle for the Student Research Grant and Professional Development Grant. All applicants are HIGHLY encouraged to attend a training workshop this Fall prior to submitting your application. Dates are listed below, and all graduate students are welcome to attend any of these sessions. In general, attending a grant applicant training workshop is a great way to learn about the requirements and scoring process of individual grants. 

  1. Thursday, February 06, 1:30 pm-2:30pm, SUB Luminaria
  2. Thursday, February 13, 4:00pm-5:00pm, SUB Luminaria

Applicant Resources

  1. Grants Bylaws and Process
  2. Common Questions