Student Research Grant, Summer 2019

Basic Information

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 12:00pm
Grant Cycle Status: 
Expected Budget: 


The Student Research Grant (SRG) may fund travel and lodging to conduct research in the field (includes artistic projects like photography or dance), the cost of research materials, and/or travel/lodging and conference fees for conferences at which the applicant is making a presentation. Students may receive up to $500 per academic year (from summer to spring). Grants may be used to fund activity in the current semester, the next semester or one semester retroactively.

Acceptable Costs

  • Software not available in UNM computer pods or to which the student does not have free access.
  • Airfare, registration, hotel, shuttle fees, taxi fares, presentation materials and per diem in accordance with UNM policy. Travel must be outside of Albuquerque. Current policy and mileage rates can be found in the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy 4030.
  • Supplies, consumables and printing costs necessary for development and dissemination of research and not readily supplied by the applicant’s department.

Unacceptable Costs

  • Salaries or tuition.
  • Organization fees or conference social functions.
  • Travel, room or board for any event whose purpose is not the development or dissemination of student's research

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a graduate student enrolled in a degree-seeking program at UNM who has paid the GPSA fee
  • One application per semester for each grant
  • Anonymous proposal and budget
  • Proposals must be original

Application Requirements

The following application materials are required:

  1. A 750 word, anonymous proposal. Proposals must be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, and use 1” margins. Please do not include your name in the proposal. Applications that do not follow this format or include your name will be disqualified. Upon completion, all applications must be saved as a PDF and uploaded to the GPSA Grants website along with the other application materials. File names should not include any identifying information.
  2. A specific, line item budget that indicates all sources of funding for the project. You must use the attached budget template. Please do not include your name in the budget. Remember to indicate all sources of funding you have pursued, even if you have not been awarded the money. If you wish to include further budget details, you may use an additional 300 words to describe your budget items.


Understanding the scoresheet used to evaluate grants is crucial to writing an effective proposal. Readers will score your grant based on this rubric, so touching all the points of the scoresheet will increase your changes of receiving funding. Many funding decisions usually come down to the difference between a few points.

Application Materials